At Bare Home, we believe a better home starts with improving the world in which we live. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving back to the organizations and causes that strive to make a better tomorrow today.

Bees Pollinating Flowers

Welcoming bees to Bare Home

Because bees are our friends, Bare Home established the “Bee Cause.” At our headquarters, you’ll find over six acres of wildflower meadows dedicated to all the great pollinators that are vital to our environment, economy and food supply. We’ve consciously decided to avoid turf grass, which is dependent on fossil fuel maintenance equipment, and built a safe haven for our fluttery friends instead.

Yellow wildflowers in meadow
Purple wildflowers in meadow
Red wildflowers in meadow with morning dew on them
Orange wildflowers in meadow
Homeless shelter with donated bedding

Helping Everyone Sleep Well

Bare believes everyone should have a safe space to feel cared for and relaxed. We’ve partnered with to help make that happen. Today, we’re proud to have given nearly $1,000,000 in high-quality bedding donations to homeless shelters and underserved Minnesota communities.

The Path Forward

A home is just a house unless someone takes care of it. That’s why we constantly seek new ways to level up the stewardship of our planet.