We Care About Your Health

When it comes to the health of yourself and your loved ones, choosing products free from toxins like aluminum and phthalates is important. But what’s in your sheets? We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, which means our skin is constantly exposed to the numerous harmful chemicals used in the textile industry. All of this can lead to skin irritations or even worse.

Photo of Josh Pribyl, founder of Bare Home

Meet Josh

Josh Pribyl is all too familiar with the struggles an unhealthy environment can create. For years he suffered from chronic health conditions with insomnia, and relief seemed out of reach. Frustrated, he began eliminating harmful chemicals from his home. What he found was that it was nearly impossible to find sheets that were transparently labeled as chemical-free. And organic sheets? They were horribly expensive. So, he decided to create something better.


A Healthy Home Is For Everyone

That’s why the Bare Home brand was born - to create bedding that is free from harmful substances, offered at the most affordable price, without sacrificing quality. We cut out the middleman, so you can enjoy our hand-designed products for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. After all, you deserve a home filled with everything that matters most, not what doesn’t. We call this a “bare home”, one that is comfortable, healthy, and beautiful.