Extra Plush Softness

Imagine wrapping yourself in the indulgent warmth of our faux fur, offering you that comforting, warm, and fuzzy feeling. Its distinctive allure stems from its longer, ultra-plush pile and substantial weight, setting it apart in the realm of luxurious comfort.

Bare StanDArd

Our carefully designed products come from a commitment to wellness and the environment. Adhering to these rigorous stanDArds ensures that you are indulging in products free of harmful chemicals, safe to touch your bare skin. We're not just providing comfort, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're embracing a healthier, safer lifestyle.

Luxurious Style

Elevate your decor with a bit of sophistication. Our ultra-rich and animal-friendly faux fur is the perfect finishing touch for your space. Exceptionally cozy and rich in softness, the longer ultra-plush pile and substantial weight give it a unique appeal

Images Extended Content Faux Fur Blanket from Bare Home.
Images Extended Content Faux Fur Blanket2 from Bare Home.
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