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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
Do you avoid folding fitted sheets because it feels impossible? (see above image)

Or try your best just to realize that you were better off spending your time and patience on something else? 

If so, don't fret, you're not alone. Follow these simple steps and you'll feel like a fitted sheet folding expert in about 60 seconds.


  1. Start with your fitted sheet inside out on the long side, with hands in each corner
  2. Bring your palms together and fold the right corner over the left one
  3. Switch hands
  4. Use your left hand to straighten out the edges, and put your left hand in the other corner
  5. Bring your palms together again, and fold the right corner over the left corner again
  6. Straighten out edges and switch hands
  7. Fold the top edge over to make a rectangle
  8. Lay the sheet down with the edges up, and fold into thirds lengthwise
  9. Fold into thirds again
  10. Done! You have a perfectly folded fitted sheet