Soft & Breathable

Sleep in perfect comfort! Our microfiber sheets feature a brushed finish for incredible, skin-friendly softness. And with a tight weave, they provide more warmth than traditional cotton while maintaining breathability, making them perfect for cool sleepers.

Say Goodbye to Rips & Tears

Our exclusive Hydro-Brushing process creates a sheet that is stronger and more durable than others. Using ultra-fine jets of water to soften instead of a brush minimizes abrasion, but still creates a soft, smooth feel.

Only Healthy Sleep Ahead

Allergy sufferers and sensitive sleepers can rest easy! Our microfiber is hypoallergenic and is made without harmful chemicals and dyes, for the healthiest sleep around.

Images Extended Content Microfiber Hydrobrushed from Bare Home.
Images Extended Content Microfiber Hydrobrushed2 from Bare Home.
Images Extended Content Microfiber Hydrobrushed3 from Bare Home.