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Your Curated Guide to a Spring Bedding Refresh

Like many others, you are probably sick of winter and ready to give your bedroom a spring refresh There’s no better way to usher in warmer weather, brighter days, and lighter evenings than by doing a little decor switch throughout your home!

Get inspired as we take you through our curated guide on how to achieve a beautiful yet simple spring update for your bed. Explore key pointers on how to choose the best bedding for spring and get our top picks for each. Follow along each step of the way as we help make sure you create the perfect environment for restful sleep and cozy nights - without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home!



Get Ready for Seasonal Changes

Now that spring has officially sprung, it's time to swap out your heavy winter bedding and upgrade with something fresh and new. Bare Home has the perfect products to give your bedroom a spring refresh. From cozy comforter sets, to sheets in spring hues, you'll find exactly what you need to bring a light and airy feel to your urban oasis.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing our hypoallergenic products are free from harmful chemicals and dyes for safe spring styling. So don't delay, upgrade your bedroom now and start off the season feeling inspired!



Create a Cozy Oasis with Luxurious Down Alternative Comforters

Warmer weather means it's time to put away the down comforter and opt for something cool & breathable. With our luxurious down alternative comforters from Bare Home, you’ll be sure to stay comfortable without the extra heat. Plus, they are available in oodles of colorways, so you can enjoy a cozy and chic vibe all season long.

Crafted with the highest quality hollow-core fiber fill and durable microfiber shell, these comforters are sure to give a cloud-like feeling of comfort as you drift off into peaceful slumber. Plus, they’re easy to care for so you can keep your bedroom looking polished without any extra effort! Step it up to the next level this spring and treat yourself to the inviting ambience of Bare Home's down alternative comforters.

Bare Home Picks: Try our Reversible Comforter for a pop (or two) of color. Or, go all-in with a Comforter Set that also has matching pillow shams.



Elevate Your Bedroom with Sheets in Stylish Patterns & Fresh Colors

Refresh and revitalize the look of your bedroom this spring with stylish, yet comfortable sheets from Bare Home! Our microfiber collection is soft and breathable - perfect for spring's warmer temperatures. Whether you’re into eye-catching patterns or soft, subtle colors, our wide variety of microfiber sheets are the perfect complement to any bedding set.

Crafted with superior materials, our microfiber sheets are designed to maintain a luxurious level of comfort and softness. And at a price point that's easy on the wallet, you can grab a set for every bedroom in the house! So, treat yourself to a chic new style by exploring our collection, and find the perfect combination of fresh colors and stylish patterns to elevate the look and feel of your bedroom this season!

Bare Home Picks: You'll love our durable Hydrobrushed Microfiber Sheet Set in a stylish pattern. Or try our ultra-soft Sandwashed Microfiber Sheet Set in a glorious earth tone.



Layer On Comfort with Plush Blankets & Quilts

By adding layers of color, texture, and warmth, plush blankets and quilts are the perfect way to elevate your bed's comfort quotient. And with our array of stylish options, you don't have to sacrifice style to get it!

For warm sleepers, a quilt is the perfect alternative to a heavier duvet. Then, layer on an extra-plush blanket or to on chillier nights. Add in extra pillows with a matching sham or two to make it even more inviting. Since these options are easy to mix-and-match depending on the season or holiday, updating your space has never been more effortless.

Bare Home Picks. Start with our elegant diamond-pattern Quilt Set. Add on a Microplush Blanket in a fun pop of color. Then, pile on the pillows with our Microfiber Pillow Shams to bring it all together.



Accessorize to Complete the Look 

For the ultimate cozy and inviting look in your home, tie it all together with some decorative throws. Try our luxurious Faux Fur Throw for an added touch of texture and warmth or opt for the lighter weight Sherpa Throw for a bit of whimsy. Either way, you can rest easy knowing these high-quality products are designed to last through multiple seasons of style and comfort!

Bare Home Picks: Faux Fur Blanket, Sherpa Blanket



Keep It Clean with Care & Maintenance Tips

Make sure you're getting the most out of your bedding investment by following these smart care and maintenance tips.

  1. Spruce up your space with a good ol' deep clean; wash all the sheets, mattress pads and pillowcases with hot water and a detergent specifically made for synthetic materials. This will remove dirt, sweat and oils that have been collecting on them, leading to better nighttime slumbers.
  2. Store your down comforter and heavier bedding in an indoor free of moisture to prevent mildew. cover with a breathable cotton bag to keep out dust and mites.
  3. Don't forget to fluff pillows and vacuum mattresses every other month - this'll help extend the life of your bedding investment as well as keep it clean! Allergens like dust mites, pet dander & pollen can often hide within your comfy confines, so be sure to take these extra steps for a healthier sleep.


As we transition into the warmth of spring, don’t forget to refresh your bedroom with Bare Home Bedding! With luxurious down alternative comforters, stylish patterns in fresh colors and a variety of textures to layer on comfort with blankets and quilts, you can create your own cozy oasis.

Accessorize any room with decorative throws that tie everything together and make sure your investment lasts by learning our care and maintenance tips. Shop the Collection today for all of your favorite looks! Goodbye winter chill, hello spring—it’s time to bring the style home.