Study, Snooze, Repeat: Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for a Well-Dressed Bed

A young woman sits in her bed, wrapped in a light blue duvet.  It is daytime, and a cup of coffee rests on the nightstand.

Dorm life is all about making the most of a small space. And while it can be fun to live in a little world of your own, it's also nice to make your dorm room feel like home. That's why we've put together this blog post with some ideas for decorating your dorm room on a budget, starting with your bed! You don't need to spend a lot of money to make your space feel cozy and comfortable. In fact, many of our favorite ideas involve using bedding and accessories from our bare home collection. So, if you're looking for some inspiration, keep reading!


The Good Old Bed-in-a-Bag

When it comes to dorm bedding, the "bed-in-a-bag" is a classic. Containing everything you need to complete your look, it is certainly a fast option designed to save you time and money. But why stop with the basics? Our bed-in-a-bag sets are available in countless color options so you are bound to find one that works with your decor. Then, dress it up with some decorative pillows and a cozy throw blanket to truly make it your own.


Let's look at how our influencers are using a Bare Home Bed-in-a-Bag to create their look:



This fun video shows how everything comes together, complete with throw pillows in fun shapes and textures. A collage of vintage album covers is an inexpensive way to create an accent wall. Now to train our bed to make itself as Karina's does!



@_sydneybrown obsessed with my new @Bare Home bedding!! #barehome#roommakeover#dormdecor#backtoschool#collegedormlife#collegedormtour ♬ Bad Habit - Steve Lacy



Here Sydney mixes and matches colors for interest and adds a silk pillowcase for a luxurious contrast. The cowboy hats and boots are a fun, stylish touch (and a great use of vertical space). Plus, how cute is the dog?



@brianawinkel So comfy so soft save some $$ w/BRIANA15 🤍 @Bare Home #mybarehomegiftedme #barehome #dormdecor ♬ Bad Habit - Steve Lacy



If your style is less boho chic and more minimalist, you may like Brianna's room. Crisp white and gray bedding against a tufted white headboard creates a restful retreat. Also, another bed that makes itself! Where do they find these??


A young woman sits in her bed, wrapped in a white duvet.  She is smiling.  The headboard behind her is tufted green velvet.


More Bedding Essentials

Bed-in-a-bag not your, well, bag? Check out these a la carte options to find exactly what you need.

Extra Long Sheets

Many colleges furnish their dorm rooms with extra-long twin beds. Luckily, we've got sheets for that. All our sheet programs are available in Twin XL size, from cool, crisp cotton percale to toasty winter flannel.

Duvet Sets

Instead of a comforter, try a duvet set. Available in several different fabrics--from funky flannels to luxurious linen--you can change up your style as often as you like. Play with pattern and color to find your vibe.


A room scene with a bed that is dressed in white with colorful throws and pillows.  The walls are white, and we can see plants both inside and outside the window.


Fun, Funky Throws

Try adding a pop of texture or color (or both!) with a throw blanket. Not only does it add a personal touch, but it also keeps you comfy during late-night study sessions. Bare Home's Faux Fur or Sherpa Blankets are two snuggle-worthy options.

Weighted Blankets

College can be stressful. So why not have your bedding pull double duty? Weighted blankets reduce stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, AND they are cozy and cute as well. Learn more about these stress-relief superheroes here.


A room scene with a bed dressed in white with pink throws and pillows.  A heart-shaped accent pillow and string lights complete the look.  An open laptop and coffee tray suggest this is a dorm room.


Maximize Space

Decorating a dorm room isn't just about string lights and storage cubes. It's also about making the most of small spaces. With extra storage space at a premium

  • Add a storage ottoman to store extra blankets when you are not using them. As a bonus, it can serve as extra seating for movie nights.
  • Hanging items on a wall is a creative way to free up shelf space. Try a rack of coffee mugs, hooks for jewelry, or fun hats like we saw above.
  • Use foldable furniture. Folding chairs and tables can easily be stashed under a bed and set up when you need an extra work surface.


A woman is lying on a white mattress, shown from above. She is laughing joyfully.



Whether you're looking to outfit your entire dorm room on a budget or just need a few new ideas for accessories, we hope you've found something helpful here. Our influencers have shared some great tips and tricks, so be sure to check out their stories for even more inspiration. And as always, let us know if you have any questions--we're happy to help! Until next time, happy studies!