From Our Home to Yours

A room scene with a bed dress in all white. A magazine and a pair of glasses are on the bed.

Hello!  Welcome to the Beyond Bedding blog, a place to learn and grow together. We aim to bring you content that is both entertaining and informative, and hope that we can get to know a bit about each other along the way. 

In the weeks and months to come, you can expect to see features on sleep, wellness, fabric care, design, and sustainability (and who knows, maybe a few surprises) – basically the toolkit you need to transform your home into a bare home.

So what do we mean when we say “bare home” anyway? Let’s start with everyone’s favorite book, the dictionary.



Bare having nothing left over or added



We know, we know. Nerd alert. But please stick with us for just a second and you’ll see what we mean. 


In our busy, modern lives, home should be a haven for relaxation, not for clutter. That’s why going bare is all about simplicity. It’s about taking away everything that you don’t need--including harmful chemicals and dyes—so that you can focus on what matters to you. Our blog will aim to bring you answers to your most frequently asked questions with the signature Bare Home flair. After all, reaching your goals should be fun, right? Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store:



We love learning. In this series, we will take a deeper dive into a single topic of interest. Do you know where organic cotton comes from? We’ll tell you! Are you wondering why we dream and if our dreams mean anything? So are we! We’ll figure it out and let you know.



In life, there are no shortcuts. But there ARE ways around that rule (see what we did there?). With our tips and tricks segments, we bring you suggestions and tidbits that you can incorporate into your life right now. Easy peasy.



Let’s face it, this is the fun stuff. But more than a pretty picture, here you will find design and lifestyle ideas to level up the beauty in your life. Imagine all the ways you can bring the peacefulness of nature inside, or how your home can reflect the spirit of each season.


We can’t wait to show you all of this and more, so stay tuned and check back weekly for updates. And if there is any topic you would like to know about, please send us an email at Thanks, and get ready to go bare!