Why You Need a Bed Skirt

There is one thing that stops the messy storage under your bed from being a permanent part of your bedroom aesthetic. You’ve probably heard it by a lot of different names: dust ruffle, petty skirt or bed shirt but here are Bare Home, we call it a bed skirt and we are so excited to have them in stock. Despite the fact that most of us don’t even notice a bed skirt unless it’s not there, an incredible amount of thought was put into the frequent use of the bedroom staple. The bed skirt has its own unique history full of beauty and practicality.

The story of the bed skirt begins with looks. Today, most people use their bed skirts to hide storage. It also serves to cover up other issues with design. Since the invention of the bed skirt, their primary purpose was to hide imperfections. While most beds today are designed in a factory with uniform parts, beds of the past were designed with much more labor. Legs didn’t match, or had to be replaced and that led to an unsightly setup. Bed skirts make the bed look like a solid, thought-out piece despite the many components and adds cohesiveness to the décor.

Our bed skirts will also help keep the monsters at bay. Seriously. Bed skirts have the added bonus of deterring dust from collecting under your bed. Though the skirts were originally added to beds for looks, it became obvious that the beds that featured skirts were less likely to attract bed bugs and dust mites. Bed bugs are pretty commonly reviled, but dust mites can be just as problematic. Dust mites irritate people with asthma, increase allergy issues and cause general discomfort in the sleeper. Bed skirts not only complete the look of the bedroom but also protect you from very real monsters.

Bare Home’s new Double Brushed Premium Microfiber Bed Skirt start at $15.99 and come in multiple sizes and colors. Use code Save10 for 10% off and don’t forget the free shipping on orders over $49!

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