Go Bare

Go Bare to Give Back

For us to sleep well, we need to live in a healthy world. Our vision of a great sleep experience starts with a thriving planet, clean air, and a sustainable future. Our Go Bare Initiative allocates a portion of every order to help preserve and repair the environment. 

Bare Home’s commitment to innovative sustainability starts with the raw materials we use. Whenever possible, Bare Home products are delivered to you with intentionally manufactured recycled, reusable or compostable packaging made from renewable, plant-based materials. 

The Go Bare promise is then continued by the Bare Home team through volunteering with organizations to give back to our local community. We most recently worked with Tree Trust to plant trees in an unseasonably early snow storm!

You’ll rest easy knowing Bare bedding cares about your natural sleep experience and global wellbeing. From our sustainability practices to employee involvement, it’s our goal to provide a sleep experience free from harmful chemicals and materials, straight to your door. 

So thank you. Without realizing it, you just supported our cause. Your purchase is helping make the planet a better place for us all.