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Your New Bedroom!

Your New Bedroom!

At Bare Home, we specialize in luxury for all types of bedding needs. Our focus on affordable pricing and inclusion of unique sizing means we find ourselves chatting with a lot of young adults moving into their first solo living situations. Though a small detail, personalizing your bedroom can make a new place feel a lot more like home. Here are a few tips for setting up a bed from scratch.

You will need to pick your color themes. Color is one of the most basic factors to any decorating plan. If you want to go all in on clashing, vibrant patterns, just be willing to commit from the beginning. Many people choose neutrals, which is a pretty smart choice for some major pieces. A comforter can be used for years, so you’ll probably be looking at that blanket for a while. It might be a good idea to choose a color for staple pieces that you’re not going to get sick of and take chances on the less expensive pieces like sheets or throws.

Buy multiples. Yes, you only sleep on one sheet set at a time, but you will want to have at least two sets of sheets. Someday, hopefully soon, you’ll want to wash your sheets and because life can get distracting while you’re waiting for the dryer, it’s best to be able to make the bed right away. Plus, if you like a set of sheets, after a couple of washings you’ll have two soft and broken in sets that you can rotate between for longer. This is also a great way to play with different colors. It’s always fun to feel like you have a new set of sheets every time you do the laundry.

Have the bed moved in first. If you’re moving in a bed you already own, this is just kind of a small bonus. Setting up the bed first means you’re set to sleep whenever you need to. Go ahead and leave those chores for the next day. If you have a new bed coming, this step is the most crucial. New beds, especially the popular delivery foam mattresses, need a little time expand out of their packaging and off-gas those factory smells. Set it up, crack a window and finish carrying boxes, and your first night will be much more enjoyable.

Add a throw and some extra pillowcases. For most of us, one blanket is never enough, but even if you’re satisfied with just a comforter, you’ll also want a blanket that can move around the new place with you. Tearing apart your bed every time you want to cuddle up on the couch can be exhausting. Those extra pillowcases will save you some time and energy too. Pillowcases go through a lot more wear and tear than sheets and require more frequent washing. Cheat a little and have an extra set or two stashed so you can throw them in the wash with the sheets.

It’s so exciting and daunting to set up a new bedroom from scratch, and we’re here to help you with everything. Check out and get everything you need for your new space.



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