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Winterizing Your Bed

Winterizing Your Bed

POSTED ON October 10, 2017

The weather is getting colder and it’s time to outfit your bed in preparation. Winter is serious business, especially if you live in a chilly region like Bare Home Headquarters. A warm bed can be the perfect ending to a long, cold day, and our warm line of toasty sheets and blankets is just waiting for a snuggle.

Let’s start with the base layer. No matter the season, your bed should be outfitted with a mattress protector. This is just necessary to prolong the life of your mattress as body oils, sweat or spills can really take a toll of the expensive piece of furniture. If you have pets, chances are in this cold weather, they are just begging to join you for a great night’s sleep full of body heat and snuggles. Your furry friends carry with them dander and dust that is just better kept separate from your mattress.

Next up are the sheets. Cool sheets are great for summer, but you might want to up the game and hang on to your body heat during the winter months. Have you heard about our fleece sheet sets? Much like a favorite cozy blanket, these sheets are made of micro fleece. Micro fleece is resistant to fading, pilling and shrinkage. It’s also soft against your body, offering that extra amount of cozy while still adding that necessary breath-ability. The soft material makes jumping into bed even more of a treat.

The more layers the better, right? Multiple layers help trap warm air creating that lovely sleeping environment we all have a difficult time climbing out of on chilly mornings. Add a polar fleece blanket to your arsenal. This blanket is versatile as it also makes a great couch companion too!

You’ll need a finale. A comforter tops off your dream bed by adding that final warmth and a finishing look to a bedroom. Bare Home’s comforters are made with a soft microfiber shell since anything that goes up against your skin should be as soft as possible. This down alternative has the benefit of down without any of the allergens or hassles of cleaning down.

Winterizing your bedroom is easy with Bare Home! Grab some of our coziest options for the season.



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