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What is Microfiber?

What is Microfiber?

When it comes to bedding, there is a lot of talk about cotton. There is no doubt that cotton is a great fabric, we even carry some excellent Egyptian Cotton if that is your desire, but all of this love for the natural fiber leaves little room for other awesome materials like Microfiber. Our Original Ulta-Soft Premium Sheet Sets are made of Microfiber specifically designed with the softest feel in mind and these sheets also add some excellent perks that cotton can’t claim.

Microfiber is a carefully designed to create the best quality linens. Our manufacturers focus on the feel and practicality of the material. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber, meaning that it does not grow in nature. Good news for allergy sufferers as Microfiber is more hypo-allergenic than natural fabrics like cotton. The increased number of smaller fibers means that our sheets will be more lightweight and dry faster than other materials. This is a huge bonus for everyone who sweats a little overnight. These sheets are also great for children’s bedrooms and make mornings a lot more enjoyable.

The durability of Microfiber is unbeatable. The design of the fabric as well as the size and thickness of the fibers prevents ripping, pilling and increases the life span of your sheets. The easily dyed material keeps the vibrant colors brighter, longer. The design also makes the fabric more wrinkle resistant which just generally makes life a little more pretty.

The Original Ultra-Soft Premium Sheet Sets in Microfiber are our best-selling products. Our customers love the comfort and practicality. The Bare Home team regularly gets reports from buyers who advise they prefer these sheets to their former cotton sets and many of our crew sleep on them nightly. These sheet sets are popular for a reason! Check out our standard sizes here or our Twin XL or Full XL sizes here if you want to give them your own test.



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