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Sleep Diaries

Sleep Diaries

Sleep is a precious commodity. Most of us have had trouble sleeping at some point in our lives. If it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is making you miss that precious rest time, a sleep diary may be a good fit for you. By tracking not only your sleep hours, but also your time going to bed, your reasons for sleep disturbance and many other factors, you may be able to create a more restful experience for yourself.  

Your first order of business when trying out a sleep diary is to decide what you are going to record. You can download any number of sleep diary templates with a quick Google search or even an app on your phone to track your sleep habits, but all you really need is a notebook. Separate your notebook page into morning, day and night. There are a few things you’ll want to record in each section so you can look for patterns. Here are a few suggestions, but you can add your own ideas based on your sleeping habits.


What time did you wake up?
How long did you stay in bed after waking up?
Do you feel rested?
Do you have any new aches or pains that were not present before bed?
How much caffeine did you consume?
Any stressful events?
Any exercise?
Any naps?
Any medications or alcohol consumed?
What time did you go to bed?
When was the last time you ate before bed? What did you eat?
How many times was sleep disturbed throughout the night?  


A sleep diary can help you have a more productive discussion about sleep issues with a medical professional. Track daily to make sure your data is as complete as it can be. Many sleeping disorders or physical issues that happen in the nighttime may be difficult to gather a diagnosis for without a clear pattern, so even a couple quick notes a day can help you reset your night. Sleep studies, well very necessary for some, can be avoided for many by taking stock of bad sleep habits and working toward correcting them. A sleep diary can also help track the effectiveness of ongoing treatments for sleeping disorders and help aid in the ability to identify health issues.

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