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Moving Day

Moving Day

Bare Home Headquarters has moved! Though we still occupy the same digital space, our physical space has changed and we are all breathing an excited sigh of relief that the ordeal is over. Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life and the little tips and tricks to make moving a home easier are very handy even when moving a much larger space. Here are a few ideas you can use to help make your move easier.

Label. Absolutely. Everything. Our crew did a fantastic job making sure all of the sheet sets and bedding were immaculately organized. It became very clear very early on that labeling everything down to the pillowcase was the only way this whole scheme was going to work. To avoid having to shut down business for the move, we relied on diligent labeling and a clear plan of action. This not only made finding things during the move a breeze, but meant that setting up the new space was much easier.

Get rid of junk. We’ve been lucky enough to grow our line lately (have you seen our bed skirts!?) and what that means in online retail is a lot of extra stuff. A key component to moving is to not move unwanted items with you. Our staff boxed up what could be donated, discarded what needed discarding and generally just organized all of the unwanted from the wanted. This takes much more time than throwing everything in a box, but you’ll thank yourself when you’re unpacking and organizing your new space.

Keep packing tools and accessories plentiful. Moving a business isn’t much different than moving a household. Make sure to have a lot of tape, plastic baggies for small parts and markers at the ready. Thankfully, we have a whole warehouse full of boxes, but getting enough boxes for moving a home can be daunting and expensive if you don’t know the tricks. First, check with local businesses. Liquor stores often have perfect sized boxes for moving. Retailers often just break down boxes and throw them in a bin, so most warehouse managers would be happy to help you out. Invest in a decent tape gun, the kind with a handle, and a bunch of tape refills. You do not want to run out of tape halfway through the move.  

If you’re lucky enough to have help, delegate! By splitting up the tasks into smaller goals, like knowing who is in charge of cleaning the kitchen, moving boxes or getting pizza for the crew, everyone has a clear idea of what they are responsible for. Our entire staff pitched in to pack up stock, sweep floors and clean out the kitchen and what made it work was a divide and conquer mentality. A move is hard enough already, don’t attack it alone.

Though we’ve only been here a week, the new digs already feel like home. Part of the reason we were able to settle in so quickly is the fact that we all take a little bit of pride in this move. Make moving more reasonable by being prepared. Celebrate your new space with a smooth unpacking. Oh, and if you need some sheets for that new bed, Bare Home is here for you.              



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