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Cozy Up to Micro Fleece Sheets

Cozy Up to Micro Fleece Sheets

Is there anything more inviting than a bed covered in fleece? We don’t think so! Avoid ever having to dive into a cold bed again. Be lulled into dreamland in the softest sheets you have ever felt. Created to mimic the warmth and practicality of sheep’s wool, fleece offers a lush, non-itchy alternative fabric for all of your comfort needs. Today, Bare Home launched our new Micro Fleece Cozy Hypoallergenic Premium Sheet Sets and we don’t want to wait until bedtime to enjoy.

Fleece is a wonder fabric. It is versatile, warm and easy to clean. The fibers that make up fleece are woven around each other multiple times creating a stretch that makes the fabric perfect for wear and tear. Fleece will not pill like other warm fabrics, so you don’t have to deal with the texture changing over time. It is resistant to shrinkage too, so don’t worry about the perfect fit becoming a not-so-perfect fit after your first wash.  There is a reason so much active wear is made from fleece. This fabric wicks away perspiration allows air circulation and dries incredibly fast. Fleece is lightweight but still warm making it the perfect sleeping companion.

Fleece sheets are extraordinarily soft and great for snuggling up against your body. They are scientifically designed to be as luscious as possible. There is even an amazing machine invented to make fleece soft! The machine, called a napper, rubs its bristles across the fleece in manufacturing raising the surface of the material to make it as velvety as possible.

Our Micro Fleece Sheet Sets are intentionally designed to be the softest material out there. It only makes sense that the softest material available belongs on your bed. These sheets are ready to turn your bed into the cozy cloud it has always wanted to be.



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