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2017 Trends to Get Excited About

2017 Trends to Get Excited About

2017 promises to be an interesting year for home design. This year, we continue to see more trends toward versatility in rooms. Spaces that are beautiful and functional are holding their own all over design blogs and on home improvement shows. We here at Bare Home are excited to see what the year brings! Check out some trends predicted to make an impact.

Bright & Saturated Colors

It's not a secret that Pantone's color of the year is Greenery. Along with that feisty green, other brights are pushing their way into the sunshine. Get ready for jewel tones. While some people will use these wonderfully intense colors to fill a room, they also work as great statement colors. Expect to see a lot of Emerald accent walls this year.

Pattern Mixing

Are you a maximalist? If yes, you're in for a good year. Pattern Mixing is still raging on and though the minimalist with their clean lines and classy decor may be shocked, your blending of patterns and bright color will see a resurgence this year. Pattern mixing can make any sized room look alive.

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are everywhere. As heavy furniture becomes less popular, the sleek, cozy design of upholstered headboards are getting noticed. These headboards are not only pretty but can transform your bed into a reading nook for snugly late-night sessions. Get one in a jewel tone and you'll fit right in this year.


Cork is making a huge wave in home decor. Pictures are popping up on the internet of cork being used all over the home. Whole walls are being covered in the stuff! Cork has the benefit of adding an interesting warm vibe to a room while being super functional. Cork not only muffles noise but turns your entire room into a classy pin-board, allowing you to easily put up that poster you've had stashed in the closet, or maybe just your grocery list.

Think bright and fun for 2017! Bare home can help you find some jewel toned sheets and blankets to add a pop to your space!



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